Data Center Migrations

Whether it is consolidating your data center or moving to the cloud, we can help you.  There isn’t a one size fits all approach and we understand you might not need our expertise end to end. So, we offer a range of services from decision making, technologies, discovery, planning, design and implementing, so we work with you from start to finish or at any point/section. 

Here is a very high-level version of where we can help:

Discovery and Analysis

Discovery is the key to any successful migration.  We have experience with what is required and how to capture it.  We can discover the hardware in scope or the VMs as well as the workloads involved.  We want to bring the teams that use or manage those services in as early as possible.  This will ensure that we gather the guidance, feedback and support to complete the migration successfully.

Design and Planning

This point we have enough information to aid the design process.  We can now plan and design the migration platform and plan the processes required that fit your business needs. This also incorporates whether it is worth placing any services in the cloud, as well as changing any physicals to virtuals.  Planning and designing it right is key.

Infrastructure Build

We can assist and carry out the physical and/or logical build of any of your intermediate or target environments. This also includes connecting your business to the cloud.


This is where all the months of planning and design really starts to pay off. Whether it is during the pre-migration collection, physical to virtual, physical relocation, intermediate migration or final migration of physicals and virtuals, we can be there with you or for you to implement the plans and strategies that suite your systems, business and end users.

Completition Tasks

Now the migration or systems has happened, it doesn’t stop there.  We can help with the testing, on call support and after care of systems migrated, during a defined hyper care period.  As well services for updating CMDB and decommission of source migrated IT assets.