Pricing Options

Because we understand that every business is different, uses different technologies, have different ideas, different goals, different timeframes.  Our prices reflect this.  We don't have a one price suits all, we charge fair for a great service. 

Contact us so we can see where we can help.  We can come in and speak with you or talk over the phone.  Whatever your business requires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cloud?

We have a quite an easy way to explain this..... It is basically any IT service that you use that isn’t on your actual site or that service is hosted elsewhere. We have been using the "Cloud" for quite a few years if you think about GMail etc. It is just the buzz word wasn’t invented back then. Also as tie has gone on and links to the internet have increased and the speed of technology grows, then the offering have also expanded.

Can you provide onsite specialist engineers during our busy times?

Yes.  We understand how businesses can quickly go from quiet to full speed in a matter of days.  So we can deploy an engineer that has worked in that field whether it is project related of migrations to carry out the tasks you need completing.

What migration methods do you use?

Any way we can. Each company has different requirements and use different technologies and revisions of those technologies. We enjoy the process of figuring out what method to use and generally use a range of different methods over the course of a larger migration. The frameworks we use are roughly always, Assess, Migrate, Optimise and Monitor.

Is Cloud the answer to all a company’s needs?

The simple answer is no. It is a very good option, due to the fact that as time has gone on the major players have added a lot of extra services made available. So, in a lot of cases it is a good options, like web services, databases, anything that can be run as a PaaS or Saas you company could really benefit

Can you create solutions in AWS or Azure?

Both really. To us they are just the platform/portal we use. You will generally find they have the same concepts and ideas, just use different names. So, we can be flexible and use either.

Are you a partner with any technical companies?

No, our view I that if we do that, we will end up favouring that partner. We like to have all options open and work with the company requiring our services. So if that company is partners with Microsoft, Google or AWS then we can work with either of them.